Restaurant Review: Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mon Ami Gabi is a classic French bistro located at the Paris Resort and Casino on the Vegas strip. “Mon ami” means “my friend” in French and “Gabi” refers to owner and chef Gabino Sotelino. The bistro specializes in standard French fare such as crepes and quiches, and the dinner menu features classics such as onion soup au gratin, country style pâté, escargots, trout amandine and, of course, steak frites.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Vegas: Part One – The Great, this is one of my favorite restaurants ever, and a must visit whenever we go to Vegas. I love to sit outside and watch the people walk by, year round. When it’s cold there are heaters to keep you warm. This place is always busy, which is not surprising given the quality of the food and the wonderful atmosphere.

On this last visit to Mon Ami Gabi, Brad and I were told it would be almost a two-hour wait for a table outside, and 45 minutes to sit inside. Since it was already 8:30 p.m., we opted for inside. The wait turned out to be right under 30 minutes, and we amused ourselves playing some of the slots in beeper range.

Once we were seated, we were immediately served a crusty, warm french baguette that was served in a bag and came with soft butter and a tasty carrot salad. I’m not exactly sure what was in the salad in addition to grated carrots, lemon juice, olive oil and herbs, but it was so good! I will try and replicate this at home.

Brad ordered a Grey Goose martini with bleu cheese-stuffed olives ($10.95) and I ordered a glass of 2009 Remy Pannier Sauvignon Blanc ($9.00). Brad liked his martini and thought the olives were quite good. My wine was refreshing – dry with hints of fruit and a crisp finish. We decided to forego the appetizers, but I can heartily recommend the escargots de Bourgogne from a previous visit.

I ordered the steak frites “classique” with maitre d’hotel butter ($23.95). The hangar steak was cooked perfectly (medium-rare), tender and perfectly seasoned. The frites were awesome as well.

Brad got the filet mignon au poivre with crème fraiche ($31.95). Again, perfectly cooked and seasoned, and a favorite dish of his.

Brad ordered a bottle of 2005 Chateau Maurac Haut Medoc ($65.00). This wine is 55% Merlot and 45% Sauvignon Cabernet. Deep ruby in color, we could detect some wood and berry flavors. Somewhat tannin-y, but was a nice pair for our steaks. Wine was pricey compared to what you can get it for in a store, but I guess that’s just typical restaurant markup.

The service at Mon Ami Gabi was great as usual. I keep telling myself on my next visit I will try something different. We’ll see. I’ll probably just have to go twice to make that goal!


  • Price: medium   Not bad for Vegas. Great value, great food, great atmosphere!
  • Service: 4.75      Consistently good on numerous visits.
  • Food:   4.75        Awesome overall.
  • Recommend:     Absolutely. A must stop in Vegas!
  • Kid friendly:      I guess, but Vegas is no place for kids. Don’t even get me started.

1= hater, 2=poor, 3=adequate, 4=above average, 5=superb

Viva, Las Vegas!

Eat, drink and be merry!

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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Kelley,
    Great post! I wish I had tried Mon Ami Gabi out while I was in Vegas a few weeks ago. It sounds/looks awesome! I tried replying to your e-mail you sent the other day but the server kept bouncing it back. Do you have a Gmail account that I can e-mail it to?


  2. Thanks, Charlie!

    We love this place. We used to go to Vegas more than we do now (not the best place for kids) and probably have stayed at Paris Resort and Casino the most. They have a number of slot machines located just outside Mon Ami’s host stand to amuse you while you wait (of course they do ;)) Definitely try it next visit.

    I sent you a separate email with my contact information – hope it works this time.

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