Where’s the Best Brunch in Raleigh? Comment for a Chance to Win a $25.00 Gift Card to Target!


I am admittedly not a big breakfast eater, but I do like a good brunch on the weekends. My favorite brunch offerings include Eggs Benedict, corned beef hash or quiche, with hash-brown potatoes and fresh fruit on the side. Oh, and don’t forget the mimosas with fresh-squeezed orange juice and decent champagne, or maybe a spicy Bloody Mary instead. The kids love pancakes, French toast or waffles, although Lexi may opt for some link sausages and scrambled eggs. Brad usually goes for an omelet, especially ham and cheese. And all of us love nice, crispy bacon, of course!

So keeping all of this in mind, I’d love to hear what your recommendations are for the best brunch in the Raleigh area that is both kid and adult friendly.  BTW, I’m not necessarily wed to breakfast food if you can suggest a place that has some unique offerings that I’m not likely to find anywhere else.

All of you who respond (by 5/20/12) and suggest a great place to have brunch on the comment section of this post automatically will be included in a drawing to win a $25.00 gift card to Target. So take just a minute and please let me know where I need to conduct my next round of market research!

 Bon appétit!

Eat, drink and be merry!

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50 Responses to Where’s the Best Brunch in Raleigh? Comment for a Chance to Win a $25.00 Gift Card to Target!

  1. Peej says:

    Relish Cafe :).

  2. Hey Peej – will you join us?

  3. Can I crash? I’m just a mile or two away..

  4. Oh yeah, I haven’t been getting out for brunch much in the past few years and there is nothing unique about Duffy’s Farmer’s Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, but it sure is good! It’s an open faced omelet and they serve good bacon and I like the sourdough toast. Bill and I used to go at least once or twice a month.

  5. Jess Hartloff says:

    The pipers tavern

  6. Michelle Anysz says:

    There is a reason Brigs tagline is “Home of the Ultimate Brunch” (and a whole lot more)! http://www.brigs.com/menu/. Brigs has my vote 🙂

  7. Ben says:

    Poole’s Diner is my favorite by a lot. I’m sure Beasley’s would be good too. Or Battistella’s or Market. Haven’t been to Mandolin or Coquette for brunch, but those are next on my list.

  8. johnsori says:

    According to Pam Evans, there’s nowhere better than North Ridge Pub for shrimp and grits…

  9. Trina says:

    The Washington Duke Inn is definitely my favorite and Bogart’s downtown before they closed.

    • One of the things I miss about not working at Duke is going to the Washing Duke Inn for lunch or dinner. I love its Cobb salad! OK, I think a short road trip is in order!

  10. Pat Trempus says:

    I vote for Beasley’s in Raleigh—yummy

  11. Tabitha says:

    I have not eaten there in awhile but I love Finch’s Restaurant. Yummy Breakfast.

  12. Jennifer K says:

    I vote for Brigs. Awesome pancakes!

  13. ashleysisk says:

    I always go for Briggs – yum!

  14. Brian says:

    Briggs is a great spot! My vote is however jibarra downtown, cause i love mexican

    • Jibarra is a great suggestion – I have been going there since it first opened off of Six Forks Rd. I didn’t know it was open for lunch, but I will definitely check it out!

  15. Mary Humphrey says:

    Oakwood Café is delicious and super kid friendly–as in pancakes the size of the plate. AND super affordable!!!

  16. I love having Sunday BRunch at Coquette in North Hills. AMAZING crepes!

  17. Hmm… Does Durham count?? Try Rue Cler!

  18. Matt says:

    Just recently discovered the Oxford and love it!

  19. I know it’s not the TYPICAL brunch spot, but I LOVE the Busy Bee brunch. Maybe an addiction to their tots… But what’s more kid-friendly than tater tots?!

  20. Charlie says:

    Poole’s without a doubt, but it’s best if you can hold out until noon and get one of their amazing cocktails!

  21. Matthew says:

    In Raleigh, I really like Market or Coquette.

  22. Erin says:

    Capital Club 16. I dream about their Eggs Norwegian!

  23. Lauren says:

    It can be hard to get a table, but Irregardless is definitely the best brunch in town!

  24. Lauren says:

    Irregardless for sure! It’s hard to get a table in a reasonable amount of time but the food is worth it.

    • It’s funny – I’ve been going to Irregardless since the early 80s – even took a cooking class there with Chef Arthur – but have never been there for brunch. Shame on me!

  25. Jill Osborne says:

    I love NOFO. It’s not a chain, has local flair, the food and ambiance are great, and I can visit the gift shop afterwards for unique goodies.

  26. fuzzsonic says:

    Buku has a fantastic and varied brunch offering. Traditional and adventurous offerings. Buffet style with multiple service stations. Recommended.

  27. Camille says:

    Jibarra!! Great mimosas and margaritas!

  28. Chris says:

    Tir Na Nog in downtown Raleigh has a pretty interesting and affordable brunch buffet at $12 a head. You have your usual bacon, sausage, eggs, omelet station, pancakes, waffles, etc., but this past Sunday they also had brisket hash, make-your-own tacos, bean enchiladas, spinach casserole, and much more. It’s in a cool building, too, with exposed brick and a very open feel. And, of course, for the parents, there’s the bar. Not quite as fancy as some of the other great places mentioned, but a good spot for a casual family brunch that is likely to satisfy everybody. We went with some picky eaters who loved it.

  29. Congratulations to Jennifer K. for winning the Target gift certificate!

    Be on the lookout for a new contest this fall and in the meantime – eat, drink and be merry!

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