Kitchen Update, July 19, 2013: A Bit of Chaos

temp wall is down!

I’ve had several friends ask for updates on our kitchen remodel since my initial post on June 27. Right now we are in a bit of chaos, with things improving by the day. We’ve had a few issues to contend with that put us a bit off schedule, which is bound to happen once you start taking down walls. Luckily, Daniel (our contractor) worked hard to find us a reasonable solution that did not cost us an arm and a leg.

When the load-bearing wall came down, the electricians discovered that our main electrical feed came in where the steel beam was supposed to go. Yikes! So the structural engineer was called back in to help us find a solution where we would not have to rewire most of the house. And luckily he did, but it required getting a new steel beam manufactured and delivered. That happened during the week of the July 4th holiday, so basically things were on standby that week.

Brad looking at electrical issues

The following week, things started picking up and the new steel beam was installed. However, the electricians then discovered that much of the space needed to be rewired to bring it up to code. That was not a big surprise and I actually authorized the work without even consulting with Brad, since it was a no-brainer.

new beam

This past Monday, our cabinets were delivered. Brad and I were a bit surprised because we weren’t expecting them and didn’t think we were anywhere close to having them installed.

Here come the cabinets

Brad talked to Daniel, who wanted to have the cabinets onsite and ready to go up once the kitchen was prepped. Better early than having to wait on delivery. So now there is a maze of boxes between our makeshift kitchen and outside deck as well as all around our pool table.

some of the cabinetssome more cabinets

Lillie has been quite the trooper through all of this and Daniel and all of the subs treat her with absolute kindness and make sure she doesn’t get out of the house. I tried to leave her in her crate one of the first days of construction, but she was not having any of that. The framers said she could hang with them and she’s been good ever since. I need to get her a little hardhat.

Lillie making her inspection

I am seeing progress each day and the communication with Daniel has been great. Whenever Brad or I call or text him, he responds quickly. One good thing is the kids are away until the end of the month, so we don’t have to worry about feeding them and getting their lunches ready for camp. Another good thing is that I’ve decided that while everything is so dusty, cluttered and in major disarray that cleaning house at all is futile (with the exception of my bathroom.) Luckily, I’m at a conference part of next week, so out of sight and out of mine (sorry, Brad, you will have to deal with it alone.) And hopefully I’ll come home to even more progress!

I hope you will enjoy some of these photos of the work so far!

Port-a-john in front of the house:


Plumbing for the new sink:

plumbing for the sink

Piles of insulation in the atrium:

Insulation in the atrium

Light boxes:

light boxes

New gas line:

gas line for the cooktop

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