Inspections and Sheet Rock and Cabinets, Oh My!


The last time I updated you on our fun and fantastic kitchen remodel was July 19, several weeks ago. I wish this one could have been sooner, but sometimes pesky little inspections get in the way.  And everything has to be inspected, from electrical (no-brainer) to insulation (are you kidding me?)

Actually, the insulation inspection is fairly new in Raleigh. We had to have our insulation ripped out and replaced, oh joy. Cha-ching. Whatever, the new stuff passed, after the inspector decided  finally to show up and inspect things. Sigh.

New insulation

After going through the inspections and gaining all of the necessary permits, things started moving at a great pace. Sheet rock went up and cabinets were finally installed last week. Oh happy days!


So here’s a great look at our progress to date —enjoy the photos!

Sheet Rock   

Drywall - a welcome sight!

The guys who put it up were here after 9:30 p.m., racing against the clock since the cabinets were scheduled to be installed the next day!

Our New Cabinets Rock!


So after having numerous boxes of cabinets take over our lives and space since July 15, we finally gained back our pool table and makeshift kitchen area.

There's a pool table somewhere in there!

No more boxes!

It was a long 3-plus weeks, trust me. I’m just glad to get the space back, plus the kitchen is finally looking like, well a kitchen.

Next up cooktop, hood, oven and microwave

Of course a couple of change orders popped up, the biggest one being that we had to order a smaller cabinet because the wall it was next to grew in size to accommodate some new pipes, etc.

Larger wall due to pipes

It should be here in 3-4 weeks, but luckily they will be able to go ahead and install the granite without it. I can’t wait to see how my new island is going to look!


I love my new pullouts!

Love these pullouts!

And the cabinet for the trash and recycling!

Pullout trash and recycling!

These two drawers, located on the inside of the island, are for plates and bowls – the pegs are removable and hold the dishes in place. What a cool idea!

Plate cabinets with removable pegs

Up next – granite, back splash and floors. And maybe the new window and door. And the new sink would be good. Really, really good. But we are getting there!

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