Kitchen Update, 8/27/13

sink and cook top installed!It’s been a couple of weeks since my last kitchen update and more progress has been made. Tile has been laid, appliances delivered and there’s a new door where the sliding glass doors used to be. I now have a new sink with running water (yaaay – almost two months without is a long, long time) that is under a new, taller window.

Of course, we did encounter a few minor problems along the way.

First, the wrong tile was delivered, so we had to get that replaced, but luckily it only took a day. The wrong tile was one we had chosen originally, but when we brought a sample of it home we felt it was too close in color to our existing brick tile and wanted more contrast between the two.

Laying the tiles

Contrast between brick and tile

The new tile looks great against the brick, but in retrospect we wish we had chosen a different shade since it blends in with the cabinets too much.

grouted tileOh well, I think it will grow on me and it does look nice. And anything is better than that butt-ugly linoleum we used to have.

old ugly floor

Second, there was some confusion about the refrigerator. We bought a Sub-Zero that is panel ready, but when the cabinets were installed, they forgot to put in the cleats with the flush inset. So I have a big refrigerator in the middle of my dining room until the cabinet installer returns. Sigh.


We did get the cook top put in, and it looks great. I can’t wait to use it!

New cooktop

The oven and microwave are still in their boxes, hanging with the refrigerator until they can be installed.


A new door now is up, replacing the sliding glass doors. It will need to be stained to match similar doors in the house, like this one that had to be taken down because it needs to be shaved to accommodate the tile.

New door

Door needs to be shaved

The new window is up as well. It’s not quite as wide as the old one, but is much taller and I don’t have to bend down to see out of it.

New, taller window

And here’s the lovely new sink, complete with a new faucet and running water!

Sink and faucetIt is so much better to have the sink under the window, instead of it being stuck in the corner like the old one.

old corner sink

Our neighbors keep asking for updates – one said she knew work was happening each day with all of debris piling up outside.

And the trash pile grows

I told her that was nothing compared to all of the dust inside, LOL.

dust is everwhere!Brick tiles relaid

At least we’re getting there! Up next — paint, back splashes and installed appliances!

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4 Responses to Kitchen Update, 8/27/13

  1. It looks great, I can’t wait to see it! Aside from paint, my kitchen has to wait a couple of years for its update. My appliances are only a couple of years old, but the new cabinets, granite and tile have to wait til the car is paid for LOL.

  2. Big party (ies) when it’s done!

  3. Wanda says:

    Kelley, Can’t wait to see the finished product. Wanda

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