Let There Be Light: Seeing the End of the Tunnel

Let there be light!Last time I posted on my kitchen remodel status, we had just gotten running water and a new window as well as floor tiles and the gas cook top installed. It’s been a little more than two weeks since that update and things are really moving along nicely! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!

First, the painters came and took care of the kitchen as well as our dining area. They did a decent job overall, although we did have a small problem with them taking some of the siding off a couple of cabinets by mistake. Not good at all, but it’s getting replaced, hopefully tomorrow.


After the painters left, we had the range hood installed. Sweet!

New range hood

Next up was the back splash, which looks awesome. Brad and I don’t agree on how high it should be on the wall where the hood is — he wants it to go all the way up, but I like it halfway (where it is now) because I think it may be too busy if we take it up all the way. We’re leaving it halfway for now, but may change the white paint to something more colorful.

New backsplash!

Also, Brad picked out some awesome switch plates that will need to be special-ordered, so the ones you see in these photos will be replaced.

We had some issues with the appliances being installed – the electrical box for the oven was not flush to the wall and needed to be replaced since the oven stuck out.

Oven won't fitThe microwave did not come with brackets, so our cabinet installers are going to take care of that when they come back to install the glass doors on the cabinets over the dishwasher and the panels on our new refrigerator, which was installed just today!

Fridge is in!Also installed today was the wine cooler. Again, another electrical issue to keep it from being flush with the cabinets, but that is also being addressed.

New wine fridgeI think my favorite thing since getting running water back was finally having the lights installed and the electricity turned on, which happened on Tuesday! Pendants over the island, recessed lighting on the ceiling and small under-the-counter lights let my tired eyes see how awesome everything looks.

New pendantsBefore we ordered a light for over the sink, I wanted to see how the pendants looked when installed and lit. I loved the pendants so much that I went an ordered the same thing in a slightly larger size for over the sink. They all tie-in with the glass on the range hood perfectly!

The guys who came to replace the stucco around the window did a fantastic job. They matched the pattern of the existing stucco perfectly and really came close to blending the color with the rest of the house.

Great stucco job!

The last cool thing (and I think my neighbors will agree) — the porta john in front of the house is gone! Which is indeed a sign that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Look, no porta john!I am so happy that this is coming together and think it looks amazing so far (thanks, Daniel!)Looking good so far!Next up: Cabinet work, including refrigerator panels and drawer/cabinet pulls; thresholds; microwave installation; working oven, gas top and refrigerator.

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8 Responses to Let There Be Light: Seeing the End of the Tunnel

  1. Darnell Baker says:

    I saw the post of your kitchen update from one Nancy shared. Awesome kitchen!. With regard to whether to tile or not to tile over the range hood. I agree with you that it would be too busy and continuing the tile all the way won’t really make that beautiful range hood the focal point is should be. With your cabin colors and the tile and stainless in the room what about painting it black? Black would draw out the colors in the tile and really showcase the beautiful range hood? And any designer will tell you every room needs a little black! I think with such a contemporary kitchen black would be beautiful. Just my two cents. It’s a gorgeous kitchen no doubt. I know you can’t wait to put it to use. Congrats on a great design job. Darnell (Kevin’s mom in case you forgot).

  2. Love the tiled back splash! It really makes the kitchen pop!

  3. Trina says:

    Looks awesome! When’s the party?

  4. How in the world did the painters manage to mess up your cabinet siding like that? It does look great, though!

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