Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series, Triangle 2015


I am so excited to announce the upcoming schedule for the Got to Be NC Competition Series 2015 Triangle battles, which start next week on January 19th! For those of you who follow this blog, you may recall I had the honor of being a media judge for one of the competitions last year (read about it here: ), as well as a special guest for one of the semi-final matches in the Final Fire, which was held in Raleigh this past November.

I was asked to do a write-up for this year’s upcoming competition and wanted to take a different angle from my previous blog posts. I thought it would be fun to interview the participants in this fun and tasty culinary contest, but knew there would not be enough time to speak with all of them. So I narrowed my choices down to the four teams located in Raleigh (Faire, Midtown Grille, Rex Healthcare and Tobacco Road) since this is where I live. Yes, I’m selfish that way. Plus, I had eaten at all four establishments prior to being asked to do this write up, so I knew something about their food upfront.

agriculture (stacked)

The folks who represent the Got to Be N.C. Competition Dining Series waved their magic wands and arranged the interviews for me. I have had a ball the past few days meeting these chefs and learning more about them (professionally and personally) as well as their restaurants.

In the next few days, I will be featuring posts on each of these talented chefs and talking about their experience, why they think they have what it takes to win, and other fun tidbits about them. I’m proud to say that Raleigh is very well represented! Outliers, you have been warned!

Competition app

If you’ve never been to a Competition Dining dinner, now is your chance to sample three courses each from two local and talented chefs under one roof. Too cool, plus you get to vote on who wins! It’s a fun and tasty evening and makes a great date night. Or bring your family and/or friends and savor in a tasty adventure that you’ll remember for years to come.

For the schedule and ticket information, please click on this link  But hurry, they won’t last long! And watch out my chef interviews in the next several days as they may convince you to check out a particular chef/restaurant that you haven’t had the pleasure to visit yet.

Bon appétit!

Eat, drink and be merry!

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