Tip of the Week – Brew Some Cold Brew

My late step-father Jerry (miss you bunches!) hooked me on Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea about five years ago or so. I have to admit that at first I was somewhat skeptical on how it would turn out, but I’ve been making it ever since and have always had great results. The tea tastes freshly brewed and I’ve never had a cloudy batch. And the best thing is that it is super easy and fast to make!

You can follow the directions on the box, which calls for brewing two tea bags in two quarts of cold water for three minutes. I personally like my tea stronger, so I’ve adapted the recipe slightly.

I take three tea bags, run two quarts of cold water over them and brew for 15-20 minutes.

If I’m only making the tea for myself, which is usually the case, I stir in approximately ¼ cup of Truvia or Stevia (whatever “green” sweetener I have.) If I’m making this for company, I do not add sweetener to give folks the option of adding it if they want.

Fill a tall glass with ice, pour the tea, a slice of lemon (optional) and enjoy! A pitcher lasts refrigerated for a few days.

Eat, drink and be merry!

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2 Responses to Tip of the Week – Brew Some Cold Brew

  1. Fay Dearinger says:

    what would make my tea to turn green in the fridge? it is brown (normal) when i make it but when i put it in the fridge it turns Green.

    • Hi Fay,

      I’m not sure what would make it turn green – this has never happened to me. I searched the Internet and saw a lot of posts of green tea turning brown, but not brown turning green. Maybe there’s some sort of reaction with the pitcher you are using? That’s really strange.


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